We are constantly challenged by the need for locally manufactured goods, and in many instances, the entire chair/table is 100% locally manufactured. This is not always possible, so we choose to mix the international and locally manufactured components to produce fresh ideas & evolving designs.

With an eye on international designs & trends, many of our components are sourced in Italy. These sleek lines and essential functionality, embody the essence of design flair.

Situated in Johannesburg, we have recently expanded our manufacturing facility to accommodate the increased demand and support we have received from our loyal customers.

We offer a great deal of flexibility and customised design and are constantly launching new products and designs using imported and locally produced componentry to find niche market appeal.

From small orders to large corporate projects, we are Flexible and Responsive.


Because work environments constantly change, we at Ditto Designs choose to manufacture according to the following criteria:

Well Designed - Uniqueness together with ease of manufacture and assembly have always played a major part in our decision-making. Distinctive designs create great places to work in.

Functionality - People are all different and work environments should allow for this by providing product solutions that improve productivity and make workplaces efficient.

Ergonomic - Chairs must be comfortable and the use thereof, intuitive. The correct balance between Ease-of-use and Ergonomics is part of our design culture.


We offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products!

At Ditto Designs, we use only high-quality components from reputable suppliers with whom

we have had long-term relationships.

We offer a 5-Year guarantee against faulty workmanship and defective components, under conditions of normal use

  - 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. This excludes abuse and normal wear and tear. 

The guarantee on the upholstery fabric is held by the respective fabric houses.

“We’re not happy until you’re entirely satisfied” The Ditto Team




• All items carry a 5-year factory guarantee (unless otherwise stated) covering both

   workmanship & components.
• Used under conditions of normal wear & tear.
• An 8 hour day, 5 days a week is considered “normal” use.
• Chairs are guaranteed for a maximum individual weight capacity of 120 Kgs. (Unless otherwise stated)
• We reserve the right to alter designs & specifications.
• This catalogue serves as a broad guideline to the products and their specifications. To find out more please contact us.


• We are proud to have many of our product ranges rated as 100 % locally manufactured.


• For the majority of chairs with “speciality” components which have to be imported,
   we are able to source a minimum of 65 % of the components locally.

For the chairs with no local content icon, we cannot source these components locally and therefore most of the chair is imported.

• This is for orders of 10 chairs or less

• This is 2 to 3-day pick- up, or we will deliver when we are able to.


• We will need to quote a lead time and a minimum order quantity, as this differs from product to product


• Certain components are recyclable or made to
environmentally sensitive standards


• These locally manufactured netted-back colours are now available to brighten up your office environment.
Colours Available: Black, White, Orange, Green, Red, Blue & Grey.


• Although we keep stock, please check with us about specific quantity requirements

• Specialised components are “Made in Italy” and we then combine these with locally
sourced and manufactured components.

• Our customers have favoured these products and they have now become “The People’s Choice”



Johannesburg, South Africa

Sales and Support Center:

(011) 499 0155